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Very simply - “TEAM”.  Quebec Team players will learn the true meaning of playing hockey as a team.  Various hockey systems will be taught and utilized during pre-tournament exhibition games in order to prepare the team for any game situation that may occur during the Quebec Tournament.  Players will be required to learn the team’s playbook including the responsibilities of every position on every play and in each system.  A written examination will be administered near mid-season.  The discipline a player exhibits in implementing the team system as well as their skill development and team attitude all contribute to the coaches decision concerning playing time during exhibition and tournament games.  After a player makes the team, the process of earning  “ice time” begins. Equal ice time is not a consideration of the coaching staff.  In a true team setting, players contribute in many ways other than just on the ice.

The Quebec Team is “all about” pride, hard work, the pursuit of excellence, sportsmanship, and the development of a “winning attitude”. Teaching players to believe in themselves and their team is the most important accomplishment of each Quebec season.